Catskill Mountain Housing Development Corporation was organized in 1981.  We are the New York State designated Rural Preservation Company for Greene County, New York.  We are designated as a 501 (c) 3 tax exempt non-profit by the Internal Revenue Service.

Our Mission

Catskill Mountain Housing Development Corporation assists elderly, family and special needs households to purchase, build, rehabilitate, or lease safe affordable housing on an equal opportunity basis.  There is a critical need for safe affordable housing in Greene County and our mission is to provide this through the development and management of property, administration of grant and loan programs and through counseling and education. We seek to preserve and build lasting communities.

Our Staff

Lawrence Krajeski

Executive Director

Molly Whitbeck

Senior Property Manager

Armando Creazzo

Programs Administrator – Home Repair & Trailer Replacement

Donna Perrino

Property Manager – Autumn Grove

Pat Overbaugh


Steve Wyant

Senior Maintenance Tech

Tim Morgan

Maintenance Tech

Mike Arno

Maintenance Tech

Linda Fenoff

Management Assistant
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